March has been a blast

We have been fishing Falls Lake real well these past few weeks. We were worried that many of the fish would have moved on but we have been finding them stacked up in coves ready for the bite. The white perch and white bass have been the hottest. Soon we will move up into the…


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St. Paddy’s Day

When the others were gulping down green beer, we were finding white bass gulping down spoons. This was a last minute excursion that looked a little grim. Once we found them busting it was on. We didn’t get into big numbers, but….they were big and hungry.

Spring Brings the Gooder

As Spring won’t make up it’s mind, we can count on the fish making the most of the days. The white perch have gone down in size, the white crappie are making their move, and the white bass are pushing into coves crashing bait late in the evening.

Leave fish to find fish…

When ever you leave fish to find fish the odds have a way of dropping out the bottom. This wasn’t the case late in the day on Falls Lake. After doing well on a white perch bite and taking a large crappie off the bottom, it started to slow down. So we moved. We headed…

Lake Mayo Chain Pickerel

The stripers haven’t cooperated on Kerr Lake so I have moved over to Lake Mayo for my Pickerel fix. While the bite hasn’t been all that great, watching the follow from underneath the boat has me wanting to explore it more and more. It is an exciting bite!

Falls Lake in the Fall

This is by far my favorite time on Falls Lake. The jet skis and the ski boats start to disappear and the lake becomes quiet again. In this time, we have learned where to look and what to look for. There is always a learning curve of where to find them and what they are…

Spring on the Neuse River

This is a great time of year to explore and anticipate the new fishing year to come. Here in Raleigh-Durham we are ready for the white bass to make their move. We found them yesterday in big groups but they were tight lipped. The water is still muddy but with the nice weather coming, we’ll…

Lower Roanoke

Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Gar Cashie River – Plymouth, NC

Sunday Service

White Crappie (Pomoxis Annularis) on a inline spinner Eno River – Durham, NC. Jim’s (@Jimfish74) bass on a black beetle spin. Flat River – Rougemont, NC.

Black Friday

  Black Friday meant a little something different for me. While searching for large Chain Pickerel in some new water, I was rewarded with these two pulls. The Mepps Spinner has been a go to on this lake and I am wearing them out. The future trips to this water have me looking forward to putting…

Cane Pole Fishing (revisited)

By Charles Upchurch photographs by Shawn Rocco I have a neighbor who sport-fishes all over the world. Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Marlin, tuna, sailfish. I told him I was writing a piece on a guy here in Raleigh who is an aficionado of another kind: Huck Finn-style cane poles. Bass, perch and…